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In the thick of getting my Masters in Therapeutic Herbalism & Functional Nutrition I began formulating what we are now calling ‘Balmatron’ to help with the lingering Lyme Arthritis symptoms I was experiencing and for the inherent pains and injuries one gets from training in any martial art. In addition, I had several people with fibromyalgia and neuropathy in my life in mind when creating this formula; as per usual, I show my love by making things. Balmatron came to life as my way of saying to myself and those I love, ‘I love you and I want you to feel strong, healthy, and happy’.
Balmatron contains some heavy hitters when it comes to the long lineage of ‘Kitchen Witching’ and folk medicine: Arnica, Comfrey, & Yarrow.


Most people seem to be at least a little familiar with Arnica these days as you can find some version of it in most drugstores now for pain and bruising. For herbalists, it is a loved plant with flowers so golden and fluffy…promising to help soothe what aches.


Comfrey is a straight up mystical plant in my book. Known historically as knitbone, it has traditionally been used topically to ‘heal fractures, sprains, muscle tears, bruises, [and] joint injuries’ (Kuhn & Winston, 2008). While this plant has some controversy as to its safety when taken internally, when used externally it quickly and beautifully demonstrates the power of our plant allies.


Yarrow is an overachiever. She grows as tenaciously and as abundantly in the wild as she does in offering her healing properties to her human friends. Yarrow has been long used both internally and externally for everything from breaking fevers, to soothing IBS symptoms, to regulating the menstrual cycle, to helping wounds heal faster. While Balmatron is not indicated for use on open wounds (due to the inclusion of Comfrey), we will have a balm that can be used on conditions such as eczema in the near future. I included yarrow in the Balmatron formula due to its antiinflammatory properties for nerve pain and muscle pain specifically.
I am so very excited to be offering this balm for you, our Hawk Couture community and friends. It has been one of those things I’ve made for years for friends and family that is ever requested and I’ve hemmed and hawed on making them in full production. Something about spring, something about my 10 year anniversary having Hawk Couture, and something about the past two years of this pandemic world, have reawakened my herbalist spirit. In the beginning of the pandemic out of respect I didn’t want to offer up too much insight and information because no one knew anything about what we were dealing with. I feel more comfortable now sharing the Kitchen Witch side of the story of our healing and our health now. Plants brought me back to life after almost a decade of living as a shell and living on medications. Everyone’s health is different and by NO means am I giving medical advice. I will, however, be here to offer resources, bread crumbs and literal teas and herb infused oils, so that you may continue to follow your path, to yourself, to your healing, and to your joy. 
Much more to come. I am so honored to have you here.

xo, Greta


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