Full Moon in Aquarius: Dare to Dream

Full Moon in Aquarius: Dare to Dream

Full Moon in Aquarius

Dare to Dream

Leo season means that the beautiful, brilliant sun is in its sign of rulership and the earth knows it! These sunshine filled days are what summer dreams are made of. Cool mornings with very early light become intensely hot afternoons, which lead into balmy evenings that induce restful sleep for all sun worshipers (maybe even a few cat naps here and there). 

Aquarius believes in your dreams, Leo encourages you to make them happen.

The weekend's Full Moon is in Aquarius, Leo’s opposite. Ruled by Saturn, which is so far from the sun, Aquarius can seem cold in comparison, but the space it has taken cultivates a serene atmosphere where some of the most fantastic, wise ideas can be birthed into existence.This moon in particular feels like the sun is illuminating those sweet dreams you have for a better world.

Under this Aquarius Full Moon, have big dreams and be uniquely you.

Throughout Leo season believe in those big dreams and celebrate your individuality and your regalness. We are children of the sun. Shine bright!


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3 Favorite Crystals for Embracing Individuality

Labradorite: for embracing all spectrums of your being, even your shadow

Rainbow Moonstone: for encouraging an optimistic point of view 

Rhodonite: for nurturing as you work to reclaim your truest self


Labradorite: It's Time to Transform

To truly behold the beauty of Labradorite in its entirety, perspective is essential. Tilt a Labradorite in different directions and allow its spectrum of light to illuminate your imagination and belief in the supernatural. If we let it, Labradorite can teach us the importance of shifting our perspective when the beauty of our lives and ourselves is hard to find. Allow the lovely Labby vibes to inspire you to experience life from many angles and to see your wholeness with glittering eyes.

Rainbow Moonstone: Discover Your Sacred Wisdom

Rainbow Moonstone provides psychic protection by dispersing energy and reflecting that which is not of the highest vibration back from whence it came. If you have had a difficult time recognizing the optimistic point of view, this may be an excellent stone to work with as you come closer to embracing the love that is around you. 

Rhodonite: Step Into Your Truest Self

Rhodonite acts as a faithful companion while you work on releasing wounds from the past and allowing your heart and yourself to reach your full potential and capacity for love. Work with Rhodonite when committing to the depth of shadow work and releasing past traumas, all wilst encouraging the exploration of the wearer's capacity for love. Rhodonite has the kind of nurturing energy that can help one reclaim their truest self. 

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