Full Moon in Leo: Romance Yourself

Full Moon in Leo: Romance Yourself

Below is a snippet from her blog post of the same name on Leann's Patreon, Kinder Garden 

This year’s Snow Moon calls for a roaring fire and tons of sparkle. 

To ignite that fire and enhance the sparkle from within is to connect so deeply with the Leo energy that engulfs this particular Full Moon. How and where to begin?

Romance, fertility, and making room for all of the ways those both manifest in your life, are the huge themes of today’s full moon.

How fitting that Valentine’s Day was just this week! How beautiful that halfway to the full heat of summer in the northern hemisphere we celebrate a day that is devoted to the warm glow of love’s presence in our lives. Valentine’s Day is not simply a day reserved for romantic partners, it is a day for romancing ourselves, the planet, and all of the creative ideas we devote our time and energy to. In the full chill of winter’s weather, we have an opportunity to warm up by connecting with the excitement that exists in the present and the anticipation for all that the future may entail. 

Leo’s position on the zodiac makes it the sign of fertility and manifestation.

As it occurs during the heat of summer, Leo season is when the fruits of our Spring and early summer labor are ripe for the picking and enjoying. This Full Moon in the sign of Leo creates a beautiful atmosphere that fosters a will to dream big, especially when it comes to dreams that will make a positive, lasting impact on yourself and others.

All this to say: Today is like Valentine’s Day part two. 

Only for you and your dreams. Continue to plant seeds and anticipate all of the wonderful things that are sure to rise from your efforts. Right now is for romancing yourself so you can show the world how you are meant to be treated- like the benevolent, humble member of royalty you are! 
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