Full PINK Moon in Libra: Inner Harmony > Perfection

Full PINK Moon in Libra: Inner Harmony > Perfection

Excerpt from her blog post of the same name on Leann's Patreon, Kinder Garden 

Full PINK Moon in Libra: Inner Harmony > Perfection

Spring is in full bloom, signaling the time of the Pink Full Moon!
This fun, colorful name for the full moon of April gets its name from the abundance of moss pink wildflowers that bloom in North America during this time of year; I know we have been enjoying seeing the Redbud trees in town beginning their bloom.
There is an overwhelming presence of feminine energy right now in the sense that Mama Nature is exhibiting high levels of fertility, coaxing us outside into the sun to experience her gifts. All of the expansion of new life is balanced by the nurturing care of nature’s sweet embrace.
We are still in Aries season, so the sun is shining on all of the possibilities surrounding us, encouraging us to take action in our lives. Combined with the harmony-seeking Libra Full Moon, our minds and hearts may be more willing to take aligned action that comes from a balanced place during this time. While it is noble of Libra to seek harmony and balance in life, the pursuit of balance can so easily turn into a quest for perfection. In relationships, within the world, and within ourselves, perfection can so easily take over and become a dominating voice, steering the future of our interactions and connections. Unless your version of perfection is a feeling of inner harmony, perfection is not balance.

Taking moments of pause this weekend to allow space for quiet reflection and self care is a beautiful way to invest in finding your version of inner harmony. It doesn’t have to be anything major either, it just has to be for you.

Believe in your unfolding, and it will be your faith that will sustain your inner harmony.

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