It's time to call our power back...

It's time to call our power back...

I’m of the generation that was told skinny is supreme. Heroine chic was held in the highest regard and I have always been anything but. Like many women in my generation, eating disorders and workouts designed to make me small but not strong, were always present. Even during years of martial arts training, I was always afraid that if I truly engaged with my strength that I would be too much. 
I am grateful that I am surrounded by women that I train in jiu jitsu with who have completely inspired me to recommit to strength training. There are a myriad of benefits that come with strength training, in particular for longevity, and for women strength training is so incredibly important. 

One of the biggest barriers for me in recent years has been joint pain from Lyme Disease. Either it hurt to lift the weight itself, OR it felt fine at the time and then later my joints would be in tremendous pain. So if you can relate to this, here’s the strategy I have come up with that has made all the difference.
Start with 15 minutes briskly walking and maybe add a few minutes of jogging in there to get warm. This is about 3-4 songs worth of time. Pick your favorites. After 15 minutes you should feel warm enough to stretch for a few minutes and start with your weights routine. 
The second tip I have is to lift light for the first month. I lifted very light for the first month of committing to a weights routine and although I didn’t really see many changes or results, my joints were very very happy as I gave them a chance to get acclimated to this new activity. You can even try doing a few sets with light weight before ramping it up. 

In addition, I have fallen in love with YouTuber and Personal Trainer Caroline Girvan’s workouts. She offers a range of workouts that are never boring, have good music, hit all the parts of the body, and she offers workouts from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. Currently I try to do about 30 minutes of weights 2-3x a week and her workouts are easy to follow and offer a worthy challenge. Here’s her channel.

If you’re still not feeling convinced, let’s look at the science for adding in strength training to your routine:
If you are a reader who lives with an autoimmune disease such as Lyme, or one the many others that exist, here are some positive benefits to strength training for us:

The big takeaway that I hope you leave with today is to lovingly look at where you are building strength in your life on a regular basis. Each of our routines are going to look different. I happen to train jiu jitsu with a bunch of 20 something MMA fighters 4–5 times a week so my goals are geared towards helping me create the strongest foundation I can so that I can play for as long as I want to.

If you are not already engaged in strength building, maybe spend some time identifying what your goals would be in regards to being stronger and work from there. *Please consult your trusted healthcare provider before starting any new routines.

If you do have experience in this arena that you would like to share, please email me and I can share with the community. Our stories lift each other up.
Wherever you are today, I hope that this has nourished your spirit in some way and added inspiration. I hope that you are feeling loved and living in your purpose.
Thank you for being here and have a beautiful weekend!!
The Kitchen Witch

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