Introducing: LUXE.

Where luxury and your spirit quest connect through high quality crystal jewelry. Coming to Hawk Couture on July 7th at Midnight EST. 

Three large necklaces with thick chains on white background with crystals
The past few months I have been obsessing over Chonk Chains, as most of you know (and seem to also be obsessing over too!). This particular part of my journey inspired me to create a LUXE line for Hawk Couture; a collection where I can pull all the stops and create designs with all the bells, whistles, and fancy af vibes I can conjure.
Large diamond shaped multicolored Labradorite crystal necklace held by hand
These designs will be of the highest quality... featuring Italian made Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel CHONK chains with some of the most beautiful crystals and stones I have ever worked with. This is where luxury and your spirit quest meet.
Sometimes when we are venturing on a major spiritual quest, it is helpful to have a talisman with us to remind us of our commitment to ourselves. Believe me…these designs will not let you forget.
Mark your calendars for this highly anticipated release! It’s coming up soon. And in the meantime, check out the sleek, affordable, and totally unique designs in the most-loved $55 and under section of the site where you are sure to find timeless pieces you will want to wear over and over again. With limited quantities, if you find something you love be sure to claim it so you can rock it.

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