New Moon in Cancer: It's the Fun of Trying

New Moon in Cancer: It's the Fun of Trying

This Cancer season has been a doozie for so many, including myself. Raise your hand if you’ve cried in the past week *raises both hands.* Beyond the expected emotional tides we have been coaxed into navigating, this season has called our attention to the aspects of our lives that need our attention. Maybe you felt called to create or enforce more boundaries in your personal or professional life, or maybe you intuitively knew that more rest was necessary for you to feel your best- whatever the case may be, Cancer season is a time of deep nurturing. It not only brings your emotions to the surface, it holds you as you work your way through them, no matter how rough. This is the majestic power of water.

With this new cycle, so many new possibilities are anxiously awaiting their time in the sun. There is the strong whisper of “you can be anything you want to be” in the air, and this kind of transformation requires change. Just as no new day is exactly the same as the last, no new cycle can begin without inciting some change.

But change is hard. It can be daunting, especially when all we want is consistency and the reliability of the familiar. Under this Cancer Moon, remember that anything you consider familiar now was once a result of change you may not have wanted at the time. Consider working to embrace change as something that is working for you, rather than against you, and maybe it will. Choosing to hold gratitude in your heart for everything you have now may be a nice place to start on the journey of accepting things as they are and as they may come to be.

This New Moon in Cancer is about finding ways to enjoy the process of growing things. The silence, the overwhelm, the triumph, the pivoting- it’s all part of the miracle of waking up everyday and choosing to experience the fun of trying.

Journal Prompts:

How can I take care of myself today?
(BIG Credit to Dr. Daniel Amen for this follow-up Q): What is the smallest thing I can do today that will make the biggest impact on my life?
What evidence do I have that my life has changed in the past month?
How is change working for me right now?
Where is the fun in my life’s projects right now?

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