New Moon in Virgo: Fresh Start Alert!

New Moon in Virgo: Fresh Start Alert!

New Moon in Virgo

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...the intuitive nudge towards opportunities for growth is your ally as you choose what happens next in your journey...

It seems appropriate that after the heated blast of the final days of summer, complete with storms from nature and humans alike, we find ourselves in the calm uncertainty after the storm; we crave some sense of order in the chaos. The air feels a bit lighter and this New Moon in Virgo comes just in time to encourage you to find ways of taking a deep breath.

Virgo season brings us back down to earth after a fiery Leo end-of-summer season.

A New Moon in Virgo is the cleanest, most abrupt fresh start there is. The piles of things you said you’ll “get to later” suddenly feel ever-present, requiring your attention. Just remember, no matter how pressing the external circumstances of your life seem to be, your internal world comes first.Until you have taken some precious time for yourself to organize your thoughts, listen to your feelings, and assess your physical well-being, consciously put aside the laundry list of objectives for a time when you can interact with them in ways that make you feel proud, grateful, and present.

...stand in your truth and hold reverence for this unique life you are cultivating moment by moment...

As you interact with the energy we find ourselves a part of today and this week, I hope you give yourself the gift of grace to be exactly who you are in each moment.

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3 Favorite Crystals for Getting in Alignment with Inspiration:

Mystic Quartz: for connecting with the optimistic point of view.

Smoky Quartz: for embracing your own unique journey.

Amethyst: for seeing your future in the present moment.


'You Are Magic' Mystic Titanium Quartz

Helpful in enhancing intuitive abilities, Titanium Quartz encourages the recognition of an optimistic point of view as you adventure through your unique journey. When the road gets bumpy and the skies are gray, Titanium Quartz can be there to remind you of your power as you weather the storm.

'B**** Don't Kill My Vibe' Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of my favorites, if not my most favorite crystals, due to it's subtle and transformative energy. Anytime you find yourself getting swept up into the lexicon of self comparison and self judgement, take a deep breath and bring yourself back to your soul and it’s truth. Maybe by embracing our own unique journeys we won’t live in accordance with the ‘imposter syndrome’ as much.

'Compassionate Intuition' Raw Green Amethyst

Prasiolite, sometimes referred to as Green Amethyst, can help to connect our heart chakras to our third eye chakras, bringing compassion to ourselves and others. It can inspire the wearer to become in tune with the vision they have for their future and help them determine the best way to show up for their present based on their unique vision. 

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