Resource Sharing: Boundary Setting

Resource Sharing: Boundary Setting

The most recent Hawk Couture collection was heavy on the energy protecting, grounding, and boundary setting vibes and as much as we were here for it, you were too! 

It seems like the perfect time to begin a new series we've been talking about and working on behind the scenes: Resource Sharing. 

We love sending each other podcast recommendations, documentaries, and social media handles, and we know we are not alone.
Sharing resources is an extension of the idea that talismans only get us so far- we all have very real life work to do and sometimes we need a little help along the way. 

Today, we're talking about the all important topic of boundary setting.
So you're trying to set boundaries? Okay, first- YAY. Very proud of you, and if you are looking for an excellent design to support you as you take on that work, we've got you covered (check out our link at the bottom of this page). 
Second, we thought it may be helpful for you to know about this podcast episode by Ty Alexander, founder of Self Care IRL that we LOVE. 
We'll link it below so you can listen to it while wearing or searching for your boundary setting crystal ally. It will be like charging yourself and the intentions of the super badass design at the same time... we love to see it!
SELF CARE IRL POD Episode 'How to Set Clear MFing Boundaries': 
Self Care IRL Social Media: @selfcareirl
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