Golden Rutilated Quartz Summer Solstice Crystal

Summer Solstice Crystal Pick

Happy Summer Solstice, Friends!!

I am a big believer that you will know which crystal is right for you to work (wear, meditate with, etc) with at any given time; but it still can be nice to get insight from others. Maybe you’ll discover new crystals or rediscover old favorites. I encourage you to let your intuition guide you towards what feels most aligned with you...whether it’s the crystal you’re choosing to work with, or the next meal you’re going to have, or whether or not the relationships in your life are in alignment with you...practicing listening to this inner knowing is the true win here.

For me, today I am wearing Golden Rutilated Quartz in celebration of the Summer Solstice. The stone itself reminds me of the sun with it’s rutilations blazing across the ‘sky’ of the crystal within. Personally, I have been focusing on connecting with sunlight as much as I can recently. While I love my new home, it doesn’t get much direct sunlight, so I make every effort I can to find time during the week to walk in nature and take a bath in the sun’s rays, letting them recharge my energy and my inspiration.
Golden rutilated quartz necklace with gold chain held by hand
Golden rutilated quartz
serves as an excellent reminder to notice all that’s good around you and to count your blessings. This will act as an energy clearing and reset button in a way in your life. When things become overwhelming or confusing, sometimes one of the best things to do is to just stop and take stock of what IS can automatically shift your perspective and illuminate the path ahead. This is true alchemy when this happens.
collection of golden rutilated quartz necklaces held baby hand against natural background
I hope you get a chance to celebrate this solstice today or this week...even taking a few minutes just to turn your face to the sun and remember all that is good that is surrounding you will elevate you in unexpected and sacred ways.

With love and summer blessings,
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