The Museum of Existential Crisis, Crystals & Film Photography

The Museum of Existential Crisis, Crystals & Film Photography

Originally shared with Secret Clubhouse members and Instagram on Monday, September 27, 2021 we are again at yet another start of a Mercury Retrograde cycle. I spent the weekend doing about the most Mercury Retrograde activity of all out my storage unit. In this 5x10 ft concrete room lay the history of some of the most pivotal moments in my life to date. I have been lugging most of these tupperware storage containers around with me from home to home, stuffed with notes and documents, certificates, and photos...soooooo many photos.As I pulled each one out and began to sort into the appropriate ‘keep’, ‘donate’, or ‘trash’ receptacle, I realized I was indeed doing much more soul clearing than I had ever anticipated. This cold and dark storage unit might as well have been labeled ‘The Museum of Existential Crisis, Crystals & Rocks’.
In one container I found a whole arm full of giant rocks, not even spectacular ones...just ones that I had become attached to at one point in my life. 
I found some of the first jewelry that inspired me to start creating designs at the age of 9; and I found rocks upon crystals, upon more rocks, and my most favorite find, a science report titled ‘What Makes a Rock Smooth & Shiny & How Does It Happen?’...the title of my 3rd grade science experiment on rock tumbling.
More interesting to me though, were all of the notes and journaling and creative writing assignments that I kept. The stories that I let myself believe and the overall shared human experience of ‘why am I here?’ and ‘am I good enough?’weaving through from childhood and all the way up until very recent personal history. For the first time in my almost 40 years here on this planet, I found myself ready, willing, and able to let go of so, so much. I observed my history with so much love and compassion and let it go. Being a Cancer, this is HARD...and having my man there to be my sounding board was absolutely essential. I’d probably still be sorting through the first box today if he wasn’t there to keep me on task haha.
There’s still so much more to let go of, but I know that I’ll be able to release more when the time comes. I thought I’d share this experience for anyone who is feeling the call of a new chapter on the horizon and is ready to let go of the energy of their past...with love and compassion and gratitude. Your past is only part of your story...let it be what inspires you to live more fully and to allow your imagination to help you create beauty within your heart and around you always.
Here’s to the start of a new cycle of reflection and renewal during this Mercury Retrograde.
Love to all. Peace to all.

Some of our favorite Mercury Retrograde crystal allies:

Smoky Quartz: for transmuting negative energy into positive
Black Tourmaline: for the reminder to keep strong boundaries
Labradorite: for the encouragement to embrace transformation 

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