The 'This or That' Holiday Gift Guide

The 'This or That' Holiday Gift Guide

As November stormed in this week, so did the realization that the end of the year would be here in a blink. As a small business with a big heart, we have been brainstorming how best to serve the people who keep Hawk Couture’s spirits high this holiday season: you. 
Our gifts for you are all of the offerings on this site; months and hours, late nights and early mornings, and lots of coffee refills in the making. So, for our first gift guide, we are doing things a little differently this year. Celebrate a year well spent with us by playing an elevated version of our favorite game… This or That… 

Let’s get right into it: Would you rather Receive or Give Gifts?

Enjoying receiving gifts is a certified superpower! It tells the world you are grateful for all of life’s little surprises and communicates to the gifters that you are appreciative of their thoughtfulness and generosity. If you’re looking for a way to gift yourself something for a change, look no further than a LUXE piece. These designs are high quality, one of a kind crystal jewelry creations that will be with you for a long, long time. This way you know the piece you are receiving can be worn proudly for years to come. 
If the thought of giving gifts is like a gift in and of itself, then get psyched to check out our limited stash of giftable goods. Giving one of these beauties to a friend, family member, or loved one says, “I thought of what makes you, you, and decided that you absolutely needed this completely unique design!” Can we say best gift giver of all time?

These go hand in hand, but if you had to pick: Holiday Movies or Holiday Music?

Labradorite is the embodiment of the classic holiday movie arch. Things are a bit dull, perhaps overly discouraging, and then suddenly the magic of the holiday spirit tilts the perspective of the main character and the resolution is the result of the transformative power of embracing the gift of life itself. If you cannot wait for holiday movie marathons, you need some Labradorite in your life! 
When you sing along and try to hit Mariah Carey’s high notes, whether it’s the first time of the season or the last, you want to look fabulous and also have some encouragement to back up those vocals. Enter: Malachite. It is its own spotlight, helping the wearer “level up” to meet challenges by inspiring the soul and encouraging the authentic expression of the ego. 

This one is as tough as peppermint bark… or leaving enough room for seconds... Sweet Tooth or Savory Specialty?

If the world is your dessert table, we can think of no sweeter crystal for you than Mystic/Titanium Quartz! You keep spirits high year round and deserve some of that magical energy around you always. With a ton of different color choices, choosing which one you’d love to have is such a treat. 
When we think of Pyrite, we think of its warm, protective energy that gives off major savory sensations. It will be your trusty companion as you make your plate, encouraging you to feel massive gratitude for the abundance of food present during the holiday season. And if anyone is being salty towards you, Pyrite will be there to help you set and keep your boundaries by reminding you of your innate strength!

Which plans have been made: Hibernating or Congregating?

Rainbow Moonstone is the travel guide that specializes in taking you to the inner realms of your totality. Sounds intense, but rainbow moonstone keeps things light, providing some psychic protection while fully dressed in flashy rainbow garb. You’ll want to cozy up with your journal and a warm beverage when wearing this special crystal- it’s you time, amplified. HIbernation station, here we come. 
Even in the most amiable gatherings, energy vampire activity may be present in small comments, uncomfortable silences and disagreements. Enter: Black Onyx, the Protector from Energy Vampires! Black Onyx will encourage you to take some time away from the group to protect your energy when you feel pulled to and to stand up for yourself when duty calls. 

Finally, if you prefer to default to Gift Cards, who is the recipient: A Loved One or You

Giving the gift of a gift card is giving the gift of intuitive guidance! It’s an opportunity to let your special someone have a shopping trip and choose a design or two that enhances how they are feeling at the time. We don’t always know what’s going on in the lives of our loved ones, so giving them a chance to make their own choice with less of the financial burden is a huge deal. 
Don’t see your favorite crystal in the shop right now? Or maybe you have 2022 vision and want to gift yourself the peace of mind that accompanies banking some extra cash for a rainy (or snowy) day. Whatever the case, we love that you are treating yourself!
Reminder: we are one month away from the holiday gift ordering deadline (December 5th).
You may still order past this date, but shipping is less reliable!

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