What is a Bundle of "Medicine Bag Crystals"?

What is a Bundle of "Medicine Bag Crystals"?

NEW: Medicine Bag Crystal Bundles

Safety First!

If anyone else had a grandma who gave them a little Mother Mary or other spiritual figure for their first aid kit, consider these loose crystal bundles our way of making sure you are emotionally and divinely protected as you journey through life. 
Just like we definitely recommend having a medicine bag in your house, car, or wherever else you frequent (and could potentially need one), we believe having some crystal allies in that bag is a sweet way of investing in your emotional preparedness during times of extra stress, especially if a physical ailment should befall you or a loved one. 
Sometimes that tiny cut needs a bandage AND a Smoky Quartz crystal to encourage you to banish any more negativity from bringing you down further. With quite a few different crystal combination bundles, we are sure you will find the one that will bring lots of earth magic to that first aid kit of yours.


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