Your New Moon in Libra Report: What Do You Want?

Your New Moon in Libra Report: What Do You Want?

In the midst of Mercury in retrograde, the heavens throw us a bone early on October 6 with the moon beginning its new cycle (and in the glamorous sign of Libra, no less). What's more, Pluto just so happens to be going direct right at the beginning of this new cycle! As past tricks and treats make their way back into your life in the various ways they do (recognition of past patterns, old habits, memories that feel close enough to touch), what you manage to learn from these ghosts right now has the power to inspire you to transform the way you move through the world so your actions can reflect the person you have grown to be.

Libra energy has the ability to bring justice, balance, and harmony both within and without the self when the conduit for that energy leans toward rightful action through self awareness.

Meanwhile, imbalanced Libra energy creeps its way into consciousness through indecision and overindulgence, which is why the New Moon in Libra during Mercury in Retrograde may be a challenging time for anyone who has been denying their truth or falling into habits they once outgrew. Whenever someone has a rough Mercury retrograde I worry about the soundness of their precious soul.
If you are feeling directionless, now is a really important time to hit pause. It's not a bad place to be for a little, but it's nowhere you can make a home.
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