Your Scorpio New Moon Energy Report

Your Scorpio New Moon Energy Report

It’s full on Scorpio season! The leaves on the trees are falling and there is a constant chill in the air… death is all around us, demanding our attention.

In a snapshot:

Sun in Scorpio We are one with the underworld, where the answers to life’s mysteries reside.

Moon in Scorpio As above, so below. As within, so without.

Mars in Scorpio until December 12th Your instincts will drive your manifestations.

Putting it all together: To download blessings let the universe know who you are and where you are.


Scorpio’s unlimited imaginative powers are the child of its insatiable hunger. During this time, you will be called over and over again to satisfy your soul’s desires. 

With the intense phoenix energy of this new moon, the meditation of the moment is that there is always something new to be learned, which opens up the realm of possibilities to infinity (and beyond). By removing the ceiling of your imaginative potential, your curiosity will rise as high as it dares to.  The healthy boundaries born from your own self awareness and self love will help to keep you tethered as you reach new heights.

What you work on within yourself is reflected in the manifestations of your external reality. Once boundaries are in place, the universe can see clearly where to find you.  Once you’re findable, the blessings you have been asking clearly for will be showing up bearing gifts non stop.

If you make a habit of looking for these divine gifts, I guarantee you will never stop seeing them.

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