All About: Abundance Intention Setting Candle

All About: Abundance Intention Setting Candle

I love candle magic. It’s something I’ve used for as long as I can remember. Growing up Catholic I used to love lighting the prayer candles at church and I think this ritual carried over for me as I found my own personal path to spirit. The act of utilizing the element of fire helps me set my intention and surrender it to the Divine spirit…allowing for miracles to happen and for me to get out of my own way.
I am no grand master of candle magic but I’ll show you what I do when I have a particular vibe I am working on embodying.

There’s sooo much that goes into candle magic in terms of colors, herbs, symbols, etc, so this is basically the most bare-bones example but one that I thought would be fun for those who just want to pop into the dollar store or craft store and make their own candle real quick.

👉THE most important part of any practice is your intention…everything else is there for you to help connect with your own power.

So here’s a simple way to make your own abundance intention candle (or any intention candle).

Start with the color.

I chose green because that’s typically what I choose for abundance candles (although if I come across another candle that makes me feel abundant, I’ll choose that one too). The dollar store has a bunch of colored prayer candles to choose from so have fun 🤩

I also picked up cute lil rhinestone letter stickers and jewel stickers because….well, aren’t we all obsessed with sparkly things?? 😆

I removed the wrapper so that I could place the stickers on the candle itself. And it’s helpful to do the decorations with intention as well. You can put music on, think about what it is that is on your heart, meditate, obviously fur children will be involved haha…and then choose a word that will represent your intention.

Backstory on the words that I chose…’First Class’ came from a conversation with one of my most magical friends who also owns her own business. We kept using ‘first class’ in our conversation to represent the ease we are welcoming into our lives.

For context: I am not a fan of flying anymore. I try not to get stuck in existential crisis every time there’s heavy turbulence…'If the plane crashes right now did I truly live my life to the fullest’…you know…super easeful thoughts 😆😆😆
Anyway…we joked about how if we could fly first class it would represent ease overall…take the most stressful experience and turn it into an easeful bougie experience.

Somehow this became my mantra recently since on a plan we have absolutely no control and have to surrender to the experience and in spiritual practice it is essentially the same thing.

Long story short, choose whatever word represents your thing

'abundance’, ‘ease’, ‘surrender’, etc, figure out what works for you 🙏

When you are done, spend a few minutes meditating with your candle infusing it with your prayer, your intention, and your energy.

I like to listen to Tosha Silver’s Abundance Prayer (highly recommend) for this part.

Last but not least, when you light your candle hold your intention in your heart and then surrender it up to the Divine.

When you blow it out, do so with gratitude for knowing that you are truly loved and cared for. And repeat this until the candle has completely burned down to the end knowing your prayers are being carried.
I hope this is helpful and fun and if you have other practices you want to share, please leave them in the comments below. You never know who might benefit.
Watch Greta make an intention candle with the Kitties!