'Speak Your Truth' Double Terminated Sodalite Bracelet - Gold Chain

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'Speak Your Truth' Double Terminated Sodalite Bracelet -Gold Chain

Intuition - Clarity - Calming - Creativity - Grounding



Sodalite is known as the “Logic Stone” as that it helps to clear the mental and emotional clutter that can overwhelm us during, particularly difficult times. It has been known to help “enhances one’s powers of analysis, intuition, observation, and creativity, and strengthens self-discipline, efficiency, and organization” (crystalvaults.com) and it is an incredibly grounding stone that assists with deep meditation. Sodalite is perfect for anyone who is easily overstimulated or overwhelmed and wants help clearing mental confusion.

Also known as the Poet’s Stone, the Stone of Creatives, as well as the Stone of Truth, Sodalite is loved by writers and creatives as it has been known to help enhance “creativity and inspiration, focus, and clear communication” (crystalvaults.com). If you have been living with difficulties and patterns that you wish to release, Sodalite may be the stone for you right now. It's energy will help to open and clear your third eye chakra, help you to release old blocks, and help you experience more harmony in your life. 

In addition, I infuse each of my designs with Reiki energy and charge and clear them with sunlight, moonlight, and sage, which amplifies not only the stones but your intentions as well. This design came to be for a specific person and situation, there are no coincidences, so if you stumbled across this page, maybe it was meant for you:)

- Clears and opens third eye chakra
- Clears mental and emotional clutter
- A perfect stone to calm those who are extremely sensitive, defensive, or who are prone to impulse or anxiety attacks (crystalvaults.com)
- Helps enhance intuition that is backed up by practical application
- Facilitates the combination of using both intellect and intuition
- Enhances creativity, clarity, and focus
- Helps to bring an energy of companionship and cooperation
- Helps bring hidden blocks to the surface for clearing and releasing
- Clears toxic electromagnetic energy from electronics
Chakra Similarity: Third Eye and Throat
Zodiac Similarity: Sagittarius
Goddesses: Hera, the Greek Goddess of Marriage; Nuit, the Egyptian Goddess of Heaven and Sky; Dana (Danu), the Celtic River Goddess; Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love; Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom
Affirmation: “All that I no longer need will now be released and cleared for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned”.


The chain is gold plated and about 7" long with an inch long extension chain.


When working with stones, it is important to "clear" their energy as they can absorb a lot of energy and will not be as effective. The easiest way to clear the stones on these necklaces is to let them sit in direct sunlight for a few hours or even a few days depending on how much toxicity you've been around.

*A portion of your order will be donated to the organization The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County*

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