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Collection: Emerald Quartz


Love - Growth - Hope - Vitality

If Rose Quartz symbolizes unconditional love, Emerald quartz symbolizes successful love, bringing balance and harmony to your heart space. Just like everything green in the natural world, it symbolizes growth, freshness and vitality, encouraging the user to tend to the garden of their soul while supporting them in their healing journey. This is a great stone for anyone who wishes to bring a sense of hopeful compassion to their daily life and is excellent to incorporate in daily meditation practice. 


  • Associated with the eyes- considered a stone of great vision and intuition
  • Truth revealer
  • Ensures security in love
  • Encourages balance and harmony in domestic partnerships
  • Promotes positive self-esteem
  • Stimulates cooperation within groups
  • Rejuvenating 

Chakra Association: Heart

Goddess Association: Venus, Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility.

Affirmation:I focus on prosperity and the Universe provides abundance.”

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