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Collection: Jasper

Royal Plume Jasper / Purple Jasper - The Multi-Tasker

Power - Intuition - Clarity - Alignment

This Royal Plume Jasper, also known as Purple Jasper or Plum Jasper, literally stopped me in my tracks with it’s beautiful color play and regal energy. It has been known to open the crown chakra and bring alignment to the lives of those who use its power intentionally. This is an excellent stone for someone who has to constantly make decisions and discern information as it encourages mental stability and clarity. It’s no wonder that it has been utilized when an individual needs to boost their feelings of self worth, confidence, and downright regalness. Be prepared for your greatness to shine through!

Royal Plume Jasper / Purple Jasper / Plum Jasper:

  • Has been used to enhance status and power
  • Helpful in aligning one with their true purpose
  • Is known for it’s regal energy, helping to bring confidence, groundedness, and clear decision making
  • An excellent stone for our elders to work with, especially those who have been disregarded or neglected
  • Helpful when trying to let go of bad habits and unhealthful cravings
  • Helpful for those who are forgetful or who have trouble with name recall and fact finding

Chakra Association: Crown

Zodiac Associations: Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio

Affirmation: “When I let go of all that is not me, I remember my true royalty.”

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