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Collection: Larimar


Calming - Truth - Strength - Power

Larimar is an extremely powerful stone for calming deep-seated anxiety and fear, as well as helping you speak your truth with love and steadying your message with the strength and resolve of the ocean and volcanic fire. Larimar itself looks to me as if the Caribbean Ocean was turned into stone...her magnificence crystalized so that we can access her energy anywhere.

-An excellent stone to work with if you are wrestling with anxiety from past traumas.

-Helpful when you know there is a truth you need to speak and are having a hard time. articulating it in a way that is in alignment with your soul.

-Helps the wearer to overcome fears and calm the feeling of overwhelm.

*Did you know? Larimar was literally created from volcanic activity from millions of years ago that was finally pushed up by volcanic gasses into the this way it carries the energies of both fire and water and exhibits the strength and power that harnessing those energies can bring.

Chakra: Throat

Affirmation: “All is well, I am supported in all ways, always.”

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