'Abundant Confidence' Large Citrine Chonk Necklace - Thick Gold Chain

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'Abundant Confidence' Large Citrine Chonk Necklace - Thick Gold Chain
Clarity - Motivation - Manifestation - Boundaries



You can't escape your innate badassery when wearing this Citrine Chonk Necklace. Citrine is perfect for someone who needs some motivation, confidence and clarity. It protects against negative energy and helps to open and clear the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, encouraging the wearer to embrace their creativity, empowerment and vitality. In addition, I infuse each of my designs with Reiki energy and charge and clear them with sunlight, moonlight, and sage, which amplifies not only the stones but your intentions as well. There are no coincidences, so if you stumbled across this page, maybe it was meant for you:)



- Increases self-esteem

- Opens the mind to new ways of thinking

- A great manifestation tool as it helps to clear and activate the lower chakras, the powerful points in our energy system for manifestation and creation work

- Can assist with setting proper emotional boundaries and clearly maintaining them

- Has a playful energy that can bring light and optimism.

*Did you know? Citrine is known as "The Merchants Stone" because it attracts abundance

Chakra Association: Sacral

Zodiac Association: Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Leo.

Affirmation: “My power radiates from the center of my being; I commit to exploring my creative resources to create abundance in my life.”


The Citrine crystal is about 1.5" long and STUNNING.

The chain is gold plated and thick and about 30" long.


When working with stones, it is important to "clear" their energy as they can absorb a lot of energy and will not be as effective. The easiest way to clear the stones on these necklaces is to let them sit in direct sunlight for a few hours or even a few days depending on how much toxicity you've been around.

*A portion of your order will be donated to the organization The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County*

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