October's Hawk Couture Subscription Box (Limited Offering)

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Hawk Couture Subscription Box

This as a limited offering, and a bit of a trial run to work out some of the kinks, so thank you for those who are helping me launch this new offering for Hawk Couture! Your feedback is very much appreciated and loved.

Each month, I will offer a limited amount of designs that will be intuitively selected for those who purchase a box, and the designs will be shipped on the last Friday of each month.

Each Box Will Include:

* A necklace


* A pair of earrings


* A bracelet

* Plus a crystal

* AND a sample of a custom tea blend that I make


* Crystals and Jewelry will have written explainations about their energy and what they mean


You can let me know your preferences for:

* Either Silver or Gold jewelry

* Necklace, Earrings, or Bracelet

* Everything else will be intuitively chosen for you <3