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Watermelon Tourmaline

Clearing - Balancing - Calming - Opening

Watermelon Tourmaline is an excellent heart healing stone that removes blockages from past heartbreak and keeps the energy around the heart clean and open to accepting new experiences of love. It is a perfect stone to work with when trying to find the blessing or lesson in challenging circumstances.

- Carries both masculine and feminine energy, balancing practicality with creativity.

- Helps bring calm to overly anxious and active minds and hearts.

- Helps to remove insecurities

- Helps to resolve conflicts in relationships

- Excellent for working with when meditating

Chakra Association: Heart Chakra

Zodiac Association: Gemini & Virgo

Goddess Association: Al-Uzza (aspect of Allat) the Nabataean Moon Goddess of Full Moon and Mothers

Affirmation: “It is safe for me to heart knows the way when it is connected to my soul.”

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