Australian Opal Crystal Meaning

Australian Opal Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Focus • Trust • Energy Protection

If you are going through a transition, birthing a 'new' life and new beginning, opals can be an excellent companion to be there to remind you of your unlimited potential and expression as a human. The color play in opals are a clear indication of the magickal world in which we live in...and that there are hidden realms that only become revealed to un in certain rays of light. In terms of metaphysical properties, opals are known to invoke a sense of calm for minds that are in overdrive or are stuck in rumination about the past and other events that are out of their control. Opals also contain the entire spectrum of light, illuminating that which wishes to be revealed and allowing one to let go of what wishes to be released. The spectrum of colors and the luminescent quality offers protection and reflects negative energy to return from whence it came.


Australian Opal Trivia

Chakra Association: Crown, Throat

Zodiac Similarity: Libra

Birthstone: October

Affirmation: "I release all that I cannot control and call in gratitude for all that I have and am."