Onyx Crystal Meaning

Onyx Crystal Meaning
Keywords: Protection • Intentions  Confidence  Alignment
When worn as an amulet, Onyx has been known to help the wearer in their quest for protection, from bullies, from fears, from criticism (self or others), and is especially helpful when dealing with those who are manipulative. It is extremely protective and good at harnessing and absorbing aggressive and toxic energy, helping the wearer to focus on becoming more aligned as well as letting go of old traumas and pains. This being said, it is a good idea to work with this stone for concentrated periods of time while releasing, and then let it bathe in moonlight, sunlight, and smoke from sage, cedarwood, palo santo, etc, to clear the energies.  
Zodiac Similarities: Leo
Birthstone: July & August
Chakra Associations: Root
Affirmation: “I now am guided by my spirit and not my traumas and fears”.
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