Black Spinel Crystal Meaning

Black Spinel Crystal Meaning
Keywords: Protection  Boundary Setting  Confidence  Alignment
Black Spinel is known as a protective stone. When used as an amulet, it can encourage the wearer to ground down and spread roots using the feelings of inspiration and empowerment in a natural, authentic way. 
When your heart is heavy due to conflict (Internally or externally), Black Spinel can inspire you to let go of resentments so you can begin to re-establish relationships with others as well as yourself and dispel sadness.
Black Spinel has been thought to bring a calmness over the emotional body, which can translate into physical healing as well. There is no end to the growth that is possible when the will to heal and learn is present. If you are working through negativity, resentment, or guilt, Black Spinel can be an excellent crystal ally. 
Black Spinel Trivia
Zodiac Similarity: Taurus and Scorpio
Chakra Association: Root
Affirmation: “I release all that no longer serves me.”
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