Black Sunstone Crystal Meaning

Black Sunstone Crystal Meaning
Keywords:  Leadership - Abundance - Personal Power - Freedom - Nurturing

While Sunstone’s energy quite literally carries the energy of the sun, the great ball of cosmic light that brings life to our Earth in every way, Black Sunstone differs in that it embodies more of a subdued, nurturing energy for those who use it as a talisman. When the shine in our life seems so far away, Black Sunstone doesn't overwhelm, but rather encourages the user to let go of the heavy stuff they may be carrying around so there is more room for the light to shine in. As optimism returns bit by bit and moment by moment, those are the times when a new life can be built.  Black Sunstone says cast those doubts, worries and pains into the black hole over there so you can begin to stand in the sun again. 

Black Sunstone Trivia
Chakra Associations: Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral
Zodiac Associations: Scorpio, Aries

Affirmation: ‘My light expands as I stay committed to myself and my purpose. I elevate all those I come into contact with’.

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