Carnelian Crystal Meaning

Carnelian Crystal Meaning
Keywords:  Empowerment - Independence - Confidence

Okay, Carnelian literally looks like the embodiment of a summer sunset, going out in a bold, burnt orange blaze like, “Had so much fun, see you tomorrow! BRIGHT and early!” It is this kind of magnificent presence that makes Carnelian a favorite to work with when trying to embrace more warm, confident energy. If there was a perfect talisman for someone who is making moves in any area of life that require a certain level of self confidence, belief that anything is possible, and a major “you can be whatever you want to be” mentality, then this would be a highly favorable member of that list. 


Used in Ancient Egypt as a stone of fertility and passion, and in wizardry as a stone of activation, let’s just say Carnelian can help you get things going! We all need a little help motivating sometimes, but remember that it is your own power that really makes things happen. Believe in your ability to create a life you desire and allow that faith to guide your choices moment by moment, day by day. Just as the sun chooses to rise each day, whether clouds are present or not, you too have the power to rise to the occasions that light you up. 

Carnelian Trivia

Chakra Association: Root, Sacral

Zodiac Similarity: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Affirmation: I am confident that I am making the best decisions for myself and my life.

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