Ethiopian Opal Crystal Meaning

Ethiopian Opal Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Lucky  Purifying  Supportive  Protective

Ethiopian Opals literally look as though they have an inner flame from the colors within and most carry the full spectrum of light as well. Allow this light to illuminate what wishes to be transformed, released, loved, and nurtured from within yourself. The inner flame is a reminder of your inner flame and that it needs to be tended. Now may be a good time to reflect on what your inner flame needs in order to flourish. 
Opals have long been regarded as extremely mystical stones and for good reason; although these crystals cannot do the work for us, they can serve as companions, reminders, and talismans along our journey.
Ethiopian Opal Trivia

Chakra Association: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac Similarity: Libra

Affirmation: “I call in all that is in my highest good and release all that no longer serves me”.

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