Fluorite Crystal Meaning

Fluorite Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Release Blockages  Intuition • Focus

Releasing blocked energy while dispelling negative energy in the name of personal growth is where Fluorite shines. When grief has become an unwelcome anchor, Fluorite is an excellent crystal companion to work with as you begin to move through enhancing your intuition, calming chaotic thoughts, and looking for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. 

We love Fluorite's clear, no nonsense energy for times when we lack the clarity to see through the complexity of existence. Fluorite knows you know the way, it is just there to be a hand to hold as you make your way through the fog.


Chakra Association: Heart
Zodiac Association: Pisces
Affirmation: “I am trusting, open, & grateful; and I am able to both give and receive love".

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