Goldstone Crystal Meaning

Goldstone Crystal Meaning
Keywords: Creativity • Ambition  Wisdom  Luck
Often referred to as the 'stone of ambition', Goldstone is believed to assist those who work with it in attaining goals. By inspiring the wearer to strengthen their connection to their higher self, Goldstone can serve as a beautiful reminder that your existence is of incredible importance to the Universe at large. This is what makes it such a coveted crystal for those in the creative fields- by encouraging the highest expression and success of your endeavors, you propel the world into a more beautiful plane of being. Your success is shared with the world and the world thanks you for it! 
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Chakra: Throat and Crown
Zodiac: Aquarius
Archangel: Michael
Affirmation: “My being is one with the moon and the stars, and of the Earth. The wisdom of the Universe is what created me".

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