Herkimer Diamond Crystal Meaning

Herkimer Crystal Meaning

Keywords:  Transformation  Intuition  Strength  Amplifier
Herkimer Diamonds are not actual diamonds but are one of the hardest and most brilliant of the quartz family, usually found as double terminated specimens. They carry the energy of pure Divine Light, amplifying the energies of those that use them intentionally. They are usually quite small but their energy is exceedingly strong and powerful...although she small...she be mighty...this is her gift. This is an excellent crystal to work with if you are currently seeking to transcend an old program in your life. 
Herkimer Diamond Trivia

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye
Zodiac Similarity: Aries 
Goddess Associations: Angerona (Goddess of the Winter Solstice) and Kundalini (Goddess of Life Force)
Birthstone: April
Affirmation:  I call forth my deepest dreams and highest visions and commit myself to and grounding in the physical world the highest possible spiritual energies.
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