Hessonite Crystal Meaning

Hessonite Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Speak Your Truth - Remover of Blockages - Throat Chakra Clearing

For all of life's bravery tests, there is Hessonite. Truly a remarkable crystal ally for those who are working to dig down deep and confront and/or release their fears, Hessonite can encourage the wearer to connect with more confidence in daily life. Very similar to Garnet, when you are feeling like you need a pep talk, Hessonite can remind you that setting intentions, and boundaries, are very important first steps to take towards achieving your goals.

Hessonite Trivia

Chakra Association: Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

Zodiac Similarity: Aries

Affirmation: “I am capable of facing my fears in order to learn more about the strong person I am."