Iolite Crystal Meaning

Iolite Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Focus • Energize • Reignite Flame & Inner Vision

When you feel you have lost your way, Iolite can encourage you to focus and organize your life in a way that prioritizes your passion, thus leading you back to your chosen path.

In folklore, Vikings utilized Iolite as a filter for the sun's glare while navigating their way through the vast seas shining with opportunities. As you become familiar with Iolite, allow its crystal clear beauty to help you as you make your your way back to your true north after a period of confusion, motivation loss, or lack of inspiration.

Iolite Trivia

Chakra Correlation: Third Eye
Zodiac Connections: Pisces and Aries
Affirmation: “My path is made clear by my courage to look within with compassion and the willingness to let go of self-judgment and expectations".