Labradorite Crystal Meaning

Labradorite Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Transformation  Perseverance  Intuition

I have always thought of Labradorite as a stone of transformation, one that encourages us to step into our multifaceted greatness. It’s Labradorite’s magical reflective qualities that make every specimen truly unique. Each piece exhibits the Schiller Effect, which means it looks as though it is being lit from within. This inner glow is the result of an entire lifetime of duality; thousands of years of geological reactions between the two chemical spectrums of feldspar are responsible for creating these dazzling crystals. 

Just like Labradorite’s many layered duality, we too have so many aspects and facets to ourselves. If you are struggling to remember that your shadow is just as sacred as your light, or if you are working on integrating the shadow work you have already done, allow Labradorite to be an example of the beauty that can manifest from embracing all spectrums of our being.

To truly behold the beauty of Labradorite in its entirety, perspective is essential. Tilt a Labradorite in different directions and allow its spectrum of light to illuminate your imagination and belief in the supernatural. If we let it, Labradorite can teach us the importance of shifting our perspective when the beauty of our lives and ourselves is hard to find. Allow the lovely Labby vibes to inspire you to experience life from many angles and to see your wholeness with glittering eyes.

Chakra Association: Root & Crown
Zodiac Similarity: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Birthstone: February & March
Affirmation: "My transformation is full of ease and wisdom. I am always Divinely guided."

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