Lodolite Crystal Meaning

Lodolite Crystal Meaning

Lodolite is a magical crystal with some insanely powerful, yet gentle energy. Known to be a powerful amplifier, Lodolite can be a helpful companion for anyone wishing to have their good intentions reverberated into the world around them. For those who work with Lodolite intentionally, the lovely crystal can inspire a sense of harmony within the user by reminding them that their strength can be cultivated through peaceful practices.
Lodolite reminds those who work with her that the best way to obtain what you want out of life is by connecting with one's personal truth while remaining in balance with the natural world that one is an integral part of. When we believe that we are all in a constant state of manifesting our lives through the choices we make, we can appreciate how far we have come and look forward to all that awaits us. This is where we create a relationship with harmony. 

Lodolite Trivia

Chakra Association: Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac Similarity: Aquarius, Gemini & Libra
Affirmation: “I am manifesting a balanced life with each choice I make in harmony with who I am within the greater world."