Moss Rutilated Quartz Crystal Meaning

Moss Rutilated Quartz Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Patience • Balance • Tranquility

These Rutilated Quartz crystal specimens are so unique with their golden hues, streaks of black, and mossy inclusions. Rutilated Quartz crystals are like beacons of light, illuminating the good fortune that is all around you. The presence of the almost Black Tourmaline-like streaks running throughout act like reminders to set boundaries as you work to strengthen your willpower, motivation, and determination in ways that feel aligned with your soul’s true purpose. 
The moss inclusions are actually forms of Chlorite, which evoke a sense of easeful gratitude for the present moment. As the golden hues inspire you to connect with the good fortune all around you and the dark streaks keep you grounded, the moss inclusions can inspire this work to be done in a patient, loving way. In other words, Moss Rutilated Quartz is here to encourage you to keep your destination in sight, but connect with joy in the present moment along the way. 


Chakra Association: Heart

Zodiac Similarity: Gemini

Affirmation: "I am patient, loving, and grounded as I journey through this phase of my life."