Our Mission

What is your company’s mission?
To create unique, meaningful jewelry that is nature-inspired and derived. Each piece is carefully created with the intention to remind individuals of their inner strength and magick as they forge their purpose-driven paths.
At Hawk Couture, we walk our talk and speak our truth. In doing so, we aspire to bring individuals back to a place of balance and bravery as they embark or continue on their heroic journeys. Interacting mindfully with the energy of the natural world and the spiritual realm is just as important to us as being present with the divine within ourselves. Look out for featured stories from other magick makers like yourself as we build each other up as a community.
Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence (and other philanthropic musings).
Domestic Violence Center of Chester County is what we at Hawk Couture believe to be an essential organization that has been serving its mission by providing intervention, education, outreach, advocacy, and programs to prevent, reduce, and remedy domestic violence in Chester County. As a woman who teaches self-defense, their mission aligns with my soul’s mission to care for those who have been harmed or fear potential harm. Being financially empowered looks different to each individual, but for those affected by domestic abuse, it means liberation from a common source of manipulation and control in an abusive relationship. By investing in your own magickal journey, you are also helping others on their paths to liberation.
In addition, I have a deep relationship with animals, our wildlife and the environment, and will also be creating designs that will help to raise funds for select organizations as well.
I believe we never have to wait to help others…it doesn’t have to be financial…there are so many ways to help.
Donate today at https://www.dvcccpa.org/