Pink Opal Crystal Meaning

Pink Opal Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Empathy  Heart Healing  New Perspectives

Opals are known to contain the entire spectrum of light, illuminating that which wishes to be revealed and allowing one to let go of what wishes to be released. Pink Opal is unique in that it encourages the embrace of new perspectives, but from an empathetic place. If you find that you often ruminate in the past, feeling victimized by the actions or inactions of others, it may be enlightening to take responsibility for not only your actions, but reactions. Pink Opal can be a helpful companion as you embrace the practice of empathy so you may live a fuller life free of excess anger. 


Chakra Association: Heart

Zodiac Similarity: Libra

Birthstone: October

Affirmation: "Empathy can allow me greater freedom to live life on my own terms, with the harmony that comes with meaningful connection."

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