Serpentine Crystal Meaning

Serpentine Crystal Meaning
Keywords:  Empowerment - Aligned Focus -Kundalini Awakening

Serpentine is sometimes referred to as "new Jade" and it is extremely powerful in removing old and stuck energies, as well as help us to awaken to our true purpose in life. It helps to stimulate Kundalini energy that lays at the base of the spine and can assist in easing the rising of this energy for those working strongly with awakening their Kundalini energy. It is an excellent stone to work with when looking to attract abundance of all kinds and helps to align your energy with the Divine and harness your true power.

Serpentine Trivia

Chakra Association: Heart, and clears all chakras
Zodiac Similarity: Gemini
Affirmation: “I release all that no longer serves me as I step into my truth and my power".

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