Strawberry Quartz Crystal Meaning

Strawberry Quartz Crystal Meaning
Keywords: Creativity • Ambition  Wisdom  Luck
Strawberry Quartz is kinda like if Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz had a baby…and maybe throw a little sprinkle of a solar plexus crystal in there like Carnelian or Citrine. It is perfect for someone who is working on ascending their previous paradigm of love and of seizing the opportunities that lay in front of them. Work with Strawberry Quartz when learning to love again…when learning to live again…and when wanting to gain insight into the experience of life as a whole.
Strawberry Quartz Trivia
Zodiac: Libra
Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus
Affirmation: ‘I am ready to embark on my new path with a willing spirit and open heart’.
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