Tanzanite Crystal Meaning

Tanzanite Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Clarity • Psychic Protection • Speak Your Truth • Clarity

Tanzanite is an incredibly powerful psychic development and throat chakra crystal. It is useful in assisting clearing blockages from one's third eye or for when someone is having difficulty filtering out the psychic clutter that is swirling around them. It is also a very calming and soothing crystal and helps to open pathways towards resolution when there are roadblocks in situations with conflict. Tanzanite also helps to elevate the wearer's psychic energy, as well as helps one to connect to their heart and heart-based motivations.


Chakra Association: Throat, Third Eye, & Crown
Zodiac Association: Pisces & Aries
Affirmation: “I am able to connect with my soul's truth and act on Divine guidance, no matter what the situation or where I am".