Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Meaning

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Meaning

Keywords: Creativity • Healing • Luck

Watermelon Tourmaline is known as a lucky stone, with so many ancient cultures believing in its supernatural abilities to heal both the physical and emotional body. One of our favorites is the Ancient Egyptian belief that tourmaline earned its beautiful colors as it journeyed through the rainbow that resides underneath the earth. Upon breaking through, it carried the gorgeous colors associated with the heart, pink and green, with it as a reminder of its creation story.

Its journey is meant to inspire the wearer to embrace their own personal history that etched beauty into every ounce of their being. So many of us have had to break through darkness, or are currently in the process of breaking through, to be able to share our love with ourselves and the world we are a part of. Watermelon Tourmaline can remind us that our creation story is part of what makes us so beautiful and that every bit of our being is forged in love and was made to be loved. 
May this stone encourage you to forgive your past so you may embrace your present and open your heart to your bright future. 

Watermelon Tourmaline Trivia

Chakra Association: Heart
Zodiac Similarity: Gemini
Affirmation: "My journey is what made me, me, and I am grateful for everything that made me who I am."