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Hawk Couture

BUNDLE: African Turquoise, Smoky Quartz & Raw Rose Quartz

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Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones. It transforms negative energy into positive energy and is particularly effective in dealing with anger and resentment. It is a calming stone, great for those who are healing from and living with anxiety and depression (not to be used as a replacement for medical attention - therapy is awesome...I love my therapist!!). Smoky Quartz is one of my favorites, if not my most favorite crystals, due to it's subtle and transformative energy. I chose a few of these specimens specifically due to their beautiful energy.

May these crystals remind you that you are always protected and loved so that you may be kind to yourself and others. Anytime you find yourself getting swept up into the lexicon of self comparison and self judgement, take a deep breath and bring yourself back to your soul and its truth. Maybe by embracing our own unique journeys we won’t live in accordance with the ‘imposter syndrome’ as much

Smoky Quartz Trivia

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Capricorn and Sagittarius
Affirmation: “I am grounded and centered in my physical body and I work step by step to achieve my goals.”


Self Love - Confidence - Alignment - Strength - Heart Chakra Healing

Rose Quartz’s energy always reminds me of a great big hug from my most loving, compassionate, and nurturing women in my life. I use Rose Quartz with individuals who either carry this energy already or for those whom I want to feel that great big nurturing and compassionate energy even when I’m not with them. Rose Quartz helps to increase feelings of love, in all ways, for self, for others, and for our global community at large.

Rose Quartz Trivia

Chakra Correlation: Heart
Zodiac Correlation: Taurus
Affirmation: “I am trusting, open, & grateful; and I am able to both give and receive love".


Tranquility - Speak Your Truth - Confidence - Wisdom

Turquoise is known by many cultures as a very powerful protection stone, both from energy and from injury. It has been worn in protective armor in many cultures and has been recognized as possessing the power to protect individuals (not just soldiers) from injury due to falls.  Turquoise also “holds space” for us, energetically speaking, especially when going through challenging times and you just need a break to catch your breath. Its tranquil energy is there to soothe, protect, and guide you. Turquoise is helpful for those who are working on their communication, whether through speaking or writing and for those who wish to become stronger leaders.It helps to let go of self-sabotage and narcissistic tendencies, helping one to become more connected to community, while still staying grounded in their own energy.  In addition, as a stone of good luck, it is helpful for those working on tending to the financial sectors of their lives as well. It is also very beneficial to carry when traveling to protect against theft or injury.

Turquoise Trivia
Chakra Associations: Throat & Heart
Zodiac Similarities: Sagittarius
Birthstone: December
Affirmations: “I am safe, I am in the right place at the right time, I am Divinely guided"


Smoky Quartz: Approx. 1.25" long,
Rose Quartz: Approx. 1.1" long, 
Turquoise: Approx. 1.2" long

This bundle is the perfect addition to your crystal collection or an excellent gift for a fellow crystal lover!