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Hawk Couture

'Creating Meaning’ Mahogany Obsidian Medallion Stainless Steel Necklace

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Psychic Protection - Release - Grief & Heartbreak Aid

*Your Purchase Supports Domestic Abuse Survivors*


Obsidian is one of the go-to recommended crystals for those who are working through heartbreak and grief. Believed to assist one in unearthing long kept heartbreak and grief, many who use it keep this belief in mind as they continue on their journey of releasing the pain that is holding them back. 

Mahogany Obsidian is special in that its grounding energy is believed to help us unlock some of our stuck creativity within our core. Creating meaning out of the moments in life that force us into suffering and shame is an intrinsically human response as creators, but sometimes the pain we feel can stifle that creative urge in the name of keeping us safe. When we "do the work" to move through big feelings and attempt to make peace with our past for our own sake, Mahogany Obsidian can be a wonderful crystal companion to remind you of your promises to yourself along the way.  

In addition, I infuse each of my designs with Reiki energy and charge and clear them with sunlight, moonlight, and sage, which amplifies not only the stones but your intentions as well. This necklace came to be for a specific person and situation, there are no coincidences, so if you stumbled across this page, maybe it was meant for you:) 
Mahogany Obsidian Trivia

Zodiac Similarity: Libra

Chakra Association: Root, Sacral, Solar

Affirmation: “I am proud of myself for choosing to experience the many faces of my life, both difficult and joyous.”

This magnificent Mahogany Obsidian stone is about 1" long, suspended from an 18" long stainless steel chain with a 2" extension.

When working with stones, it is important to "clear" their energy as they can absorb a lot of energy and will not be as effective. The easiest way to clear the stones on these necklaces is to let them sit in direct sunlight for a few hours or even a few days depending on how much toxicity you've been around.
*A portion of your order will be donated to The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County*
Thank you for visiting Hawk Couture. So much love.