'Discover Your Sacred Wisdom' Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - Gold

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'Discover Your Sacred Wisdom' Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - Gold

Nurturing - Intuition - Healing - Protection

*Your Purchase Supports Domestic Abuse Survivors*
Rainbow Moonstone is created when ‘mineral impurities’ (geologist’s words...not mine!!) mix with the Silicon and Aluminum chemicals as it’s being formed. These

layers of sheen material stack into a grid formation and when light enters it is diffused by this grid and reflects a full prism of color, hence rainbow! *What’s even more interesting (if you find this sort of stuff interesting) is that the blue in Rainbow Moonstone, is actually a type of Labradorite.*

Energetically speaking, Rainbow moonstone acts as a psychic protector by dispersing the energy conjured from being exposed to the light of truth and reflects that which is not of the highest vibration back from whence it came. What some may describe as ‘impurities’ or ‘imperfections’ within ourselves, actually are what makes us full of wisdom and full of complexity that is what makes both human and divine. The layers of material that stack themselves into a grid can speak to the layers of emotion, wisdom, fear, beliefs, among many other components that make up our inner world. When we shed light on those layers in an effort to connect with our truth, what is reflected back is where the work begins. 

This design is perfect for anyone who is on an inner quest, or wishes to begin their soul journey and is needing extra support and energy protection to stay committed to their intention of major soul growth. In addition, I infuse each of my designs with Reiki energy and charge and clear them with sunlight, moonlight, and sage, which amplifies not only the stones but your intentions as well. This necklace came to be for a specific person and situation, there are no coincidences, so if you stumbled across this page, maybe it was meant for you:)

Rainbow Moonstone

  • Encourages introspection and judgment, which helps the decision making process.
  • Enhances one's connection to their emotions, bringing out hidden creative abilities and inspiring freedom of expression.
  • Ability to open one up to increased synchronicity in daily life
  • Heightens awareness of different cycles in our lives
  • Offers increased patience, allowing those newly found synchronicities to flow into our lives with more ease.
  • Acts as loving psychic protection 
  • Helps to reveal hidden wisdom and sacred truths about oneself, and about the Universe at large 
  • Connects one to the energy of the Goddess and to the spirits of Mother Earth
  • Helps to open the heart and to accept nurturing love 
  • Is an excellent stone for new lovers 
  • Helps to encourage self-love and self-acceptance 

Chakra Correlation: Crown
Zodiac Correlation: Cancer
Goddess Associations: Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddess of Inspiration and Knowledge; Moonstone honors Hanwi, The Sioux Moon Goddess; Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night; Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess; Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon, and Protector of Animals
Affirmation: “As I explore the depths of my soul, I unearth the greatness that wishes to manifest through me and that truly is me".

The Rainbow Moonstone Crystal is so gorgeous and about 1.3" long with gorgeous iridescent inclusions on both sides.

The necklace is gold plated, stainless steel chain, about 18" long with a clasp in the back.

When working with stones, it is important to "clear" their energy as they can absorb a lot of energy and will not be as effective. The easiest way to clear the stones on these necklaces is to let them sit in direct sunlight for a few hours or even a few days depending on how much toxicity you've been around.

*A portion of your order will be donated to the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County*

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