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Hawk Couture

Lymphatic Love Tea Blend

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Clearing, Soothing Tea Blend

About 'Lymphatic Love'

This combo of Burdock Root, Chickweed, Oatstraw, Dandelion Root, & Lemongrass not only is incredibly beneficial to the health of the lymphatic system working to clear stagnation in the body, but it is also a balm to the nervous system, excellent for skin health, and great for easing digestive issues. The benefits just keep going on but those are the biggies for this powerhouse tea. Results are best when consumed 2-3 times a day and with your local honey if possible.

Caution: Not safe for use during pregnancy

Not approved by FDA or intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease or health conditions. Always consult a healthcare practitioner before use, not advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Amount: 2.5 Cups (Approx. 40 Servings)

Ingredients: *Burdock Root, *Chickweed, *Oatstraw, *Dandelion Root, *Lemongrass

*Organic Ingredients

*Gluten Free