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Hawk Couture

'Smiling Is My Favorite' Pink Rhinestone Smiley Face Gold Plated Brass Adjustable Ring

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Some days are easier to smile during than others and that's normal! On days when you are feeling able to express your joy with smiles, this little guy can be right there with you through it, smiling back at you. On days when smiling isn't even an option, this little guy could be a reminder that there will be another time for smiling and, in the meantime, you can enjoy its sweet face as you journey through your day. Sometimes it's not that deep... and the smiley on your finger can just serve as an excellent addition to your look for the day! No matter how or why it's worn, we love the shiny smiley for all that it brings to a jewelry collection. 


This Rhinestone smiley charm ring is made with gold plated brass, is adjustable, and approximately 1” long.