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Hawk Couture

'Spiritual Warrior' Tiger's Eye & Watermelon Tourmaline Collar Neck Piece

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'Spiritual Warrior'

Tiger's Eye & Watermelon Tourmaline Collar Neck Piece

Confidence - Grounding - Strength - Protection

*Your Purchase Supports Domestic Abuse Survivors*

Jewelry Meaning

Tiger’s Eye promotes confidence and emotional stability in the wearer, especially for those who use their creativity often. It increases willpower and reduces cravings, making boundaries and promises made by the wearer (with themselves and others) more likely to be upheld.

Watermelon Tourmaline is known as a lucky stone, with so many ancient cultures believing in its supernatural abilities to heal both the physical and emotional body. One of our favorites is the Ancient Egyptian belief that tourmaline earned its beautiful colors from its journey through the rainbow that resides underneath the earth. Upon breaking through, it carried the gorgeous colors with it as a reminder of its creation story.

May its journey inspire you along yours to embrace the mystical parts of your life as well as the physical reality you perceive.

In addition, I infuse each of my designs with Reiki energy and charge and clear them with sunlight, moonlight, and sage, which amplifies not only the stones but your intentions as well. This necklace came to be for a specific person and situation, there are no coincidences, so if you stumbled across this page, maybe it was meant for you:)


Tiger's Eye

Chakra Correlation: Root & Solar Plexus

Zodiac Correlation: Leo

Affirmation: "I am filled with golden light and can reach out in the confidence that I will succeed."

Watermelon Tourmaline Trivia

Chakra Association: Heart

Zodiac Similarity: Gemini

Affirmation: "My journey is what made me, me, and I am grateful for everything that made me who I am."


These Tiger's Eye and Watermelon Tourmaline crystals are about 1- 2" long each and are absolutely beautiful suspended from a 16" long stainless steel chain.


When working with stones, it is important to "clear" their energy as they can absorb a lot of energy and will not be as effective. The easiest way to clear the stones on these necklaces is to let them sit in direct sunlight for a few hours or even a few days depending on how much toxicity you've been around.

*A portion of your order will be donated to the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County*

Thank you for visiting Hawk Couture. So much love.