Cancer Season Crystal Picks Part I: Peach Moonstone

Cancer Season Crystal Picks Part I: Peach Moonstone

Cancer Season is upon us!

To celebrate this part of the year when our emotions are as tender as the seeds that are beginning to grow and our desire to nurture and be nurtured is as brilliant as the early summer sunshine, we have rounded up three of our favorite crystals that may offer support during this watery summer season. Today, we are starting with Peach Moonstone. 
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Peach Moonstone is a beloved crystal to work with when learning to embrace more gentle approaches to how we speak to ourselves and interact with our surroundings. This stone can serve as a gentle reminder that by getting it wrong and by being messy, we can learn and grow through these experiences when we take moments to be present and notice the ways in which we can positively impact the outcomes moving forward.
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Greta was recently introduced to a podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman, who is a tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, which is absolutely fascinating and captivating in and of itself. One eye-opening, world changing concept he has shared a few times is the value of learning and growing through failure. It’s way too science-y to paraphrase but essentially, the research shows that we learn faster by allowing ourselves to do it wrong…so by doing it wrong, you’re doing it right! 
To back this up, Stanford Psychology Professor and the author of Mindset Theory, Growth Mindset Beliefs, Carol Dweck, states that ‘learning from failures is an important part of the learning process and frustrations from errors must be embraced as a key rung on the ladder of learning’ (Growth Mindset).
This concept brilliantly expands upon the theme of learning to be more gentle with ourselves. So the metaphysical and the super science-y worlds seem to agree:  Be messy, be real, be in the moment, and you’ll truly LIVE your life.
While you’re out there in the world embracing all that is you, we invite you to wear some Peach Moonstone to keep you company on this journey and to remind you that you got this. 
Greta & Leann
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Huberman Lab (also on Spotify, iTunes, etc)

Carol Dweck. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

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